Caffè Tre Venezie Sketch

Caffè Tre Venezie is my original idea and concept matured after more then 15 years of experience working at the busiest cafe' in West Hollywood, it is also a part of my heritage since I was born and raised in Northern Italy. "Tre Venezie " was the historical name of the most Northeastern side of Italy over 2 centuries ago, and the reason for choosing this name is because I wanted to re-create a place that recalls customs and traditions of the typical "Bar-Caffè " found in those areas where I come from. Visiting Caffè Tre Venezie will take you to an enchanting little trip to Italy, with a unique and cozy atmosphere, freshly baked pastries, amazing panini, gelato, and our great authentic Italian espresso!

Sketch Caffè Tre Venezie Torrance

Alessandro Chiaretto

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